Newsletter from 2/2

This week we focused on the Pit Game and the competition robot. The Pit Game is like a modified game of plinko. You drop your chip from the top and it falls into a certain section that says how many points you get if you answer a question correctly.If you answer a question wrong, you just try again. We incorporated the Power-Up design into our plinko board by attaching classic video game characters to decorate the board. The whole point of the pit game is to promote safety in the pit area during competitions so we have many questions about overall competition safety. For the robot, we plan to have it done by Sunday so we can practice driving it for the competitions. We made another base to practice driving after we bag the robot. This is the point where we can’t do anything with the robot until competitions. We have been able to grab the cube with our arms very well. Unfortunately, the raising and lowering shaft is not coming along as well as we hoped. We are constantly fixing any problems we find. The electronics are all attached and allow us to use a controller to maneuver our robot. Just today, we successfully picked up a cube and dropped it in our “switch”. This is going to be our main way of getting points.